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At Hilti we have created an environment in which anyone who wants to continuously learn, challenge and be challenged, thrives. Here you can have an incredibly varied career, where you can create your own opportunity, where we set no limits to what you can achieve.


We want to share with you some of our team’s careers and the opportunities that they have created. Simply select the three options below to take a glimpse into the future with us.

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Engineering and Product Development
Съединени американски щати
Mechanical Engineering
The company we choose to work for becomes a huge part of our lives. Choose one that inspires you, challenges you and encourages you. Most important of all, choose one that always has your back!

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Technical Support Engineering Manager
Plano, USA
Technical Support Engineer
Plano, USA
Technical Support Engineer
Tulsa, USA
Technical Support Engineer
Tulsa, USA
Technical Services, Engineering
Tulsa, USA

Profile summary

Coming out of college, I chose Hilti for two reasons. One, the lively, engaging culture. Two, the blend of technology and sales. I’m an engineer, so the technical side is obviously appealing to me, but I’ve always thrived on connecting with people and helping people out.

I’ve often said, “the one constant at Hilti is change”. This is awesome for avoiding boredom! The days are dynamic and the opportunities for development are endless - as long as you’re open minded and flexible. On the flip side, constant change does have its challenges. Planning and communication are key for smoothly riding the waves of change.